• School Receivership

    In April 2015, Subpart E of Part EE of Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2015 created a new section of State Education Law (§211-f) pertaining to School Receivership. Based on §211-f, the Department created §100.19 of the Commissioner's Regulations and has designated current Priority Schools that have been in the most severe accountability status since the 2006-07 school year as “Persistently Struggling Schools.” In addition, the Department will vest the superintendent of a district containing a “Persistently Struggling School” with the powers of an Independent Receiver. 

    In a district with a “Persistently Struggling School,” the superintendent is given an initial one-year period to use the enhanced authority of a Receiver to make demonstrable improvement in student performance or the Commissioner will direct that the school board appoint an Independent Receiver and submit the appointment for approval by the Commissioner.  Additionally, the school will be eligible for a portion of $75 million in state aid to support and implement its turnaround efforts over a two-year period.