• Student Support Services 

    The goal of Support Services at East, is to work closely with students and their parents or guardians to assist our students with their education and career choices. Our faculty and staff along with our Support Services providers encourage students to work to their potential, and to assist the students in setting short and long-term goals.  Our objectives include providing a wide-range of educational counseling services which will enable students to have a full spectrum of options that meet individual student needs and lead to success.
    Guidance Counselors and staff are referral agents who act as liaisons for parents and guardians and students to all student support services. The following is a ways we support students and their parents and guardians.
    •                           Educational planning and counseling.
    •                           Personal counseling.
    •                           Sharing and consultation with parents and teachers.
    •                           Referrals to internal and external student support services.
    •                           Information about and referral to special services 
    •                           Information about and referral to special programs.