• Reach for the Stars!  
    Welcome to the Website for Ms. Villa and Mr. Ames,
    8th Grade English Teachers,
    The motto of our classrooms is "Reach for the Stars,"
    and we are committed to helping each and every student
    reach his or her dreams.
    You can use this site -- as well as the Google Classroom app -- to find materials related to class.

    You can also see examples of outstanding work completed by our students and the projects that we will work on in our class.  In September and October of this year, students have been reading poetry from the novel Inside Out & Back Again by Thannha Lai, and examining articles relating to the Universal Refugee Experience.  As a culminating activity, each student is creating a short sequence of narrative poems.  Click on the link at the left of this page to see the poems students have completed as well as more information about this project.  

    Picture yourself here!

    We're excited about working with all our classes and are going to make sure that we have a great year in which everyone succeeds and reaches his or her individual potential.
    Our classes meet every other day, and our telephone numbers are (Villa) 288-3130 x4331 and (Ames) 288-3130 x4336.  In addition, you may contact us via e-mail at bianca.villa@rcsdk12.org and david.ames@rcsdk12.org.  Parents, we would be very pleased to meet with you and would gladly arrange a conference at your convenience.  Just call us or drop us a line, and we can set up a time that works.
     David Ames