• Vision Care at East!

    District REFERRAL LINK for those who have had glasses or have a prescription.

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    Welcome to the Vision Care program at East! 


    Teacher and program developer:



                                                                                        Logan Newman


                                                                                   NYS certified optician


                                                                      NYS certified teacher in CTE and Science

    In four years, East High students have made thousands of pairs of glasses for kids who otherwise might struggle to learn
                                                                      because of uncorrected vision problems.
    The East High Vision Care program is a NYSED accredited Career in Technical Education (CTE) program that has been developed 
    over the past four years. This program started with a grant from NYSED to purchase materials and develop curriculum for a course
    unlike any other in NY. It started with 8 students who were interested in trying this career pathway in a summer program. During
    They also learn how to fix eyeglasses that are missing pieces or are broken. Students complete a variety of projects to further their
    the summer we worked with Rochester Optical to develop a partnership that would provide assistance, guidance, and possible jobs
    for students. A first and second year course was then developed and added to the RCSD course catalog.
    This program teaches students the skills of a trained optician. An optician is the individual who fits glasses to your face shape, takes
    the necessary measurements, makes the glasses, and explains to you why you need glasses.  The students at East learn these skills,
    and many more, in the program.  This prepares students for further study or employment in the optical fields. During their first year,
    they learn about the parts of the eye and how to use the tools of an optician. They learn how to take basic measurements and use
    machinery to fabricate prescription eyewear. The year-end assessment is to make a pair of glasses for a patient using the skills they
    have learned throughout the course.
    Students in the second year of the program learn more about the fabrication of prescription eyewear, work with eye doctors to
    pre-screen patients, and use advanced machinery and tools to make glasses for adults and for children. They work to increase their 
    knowledge of the optician and the roles they play in the workforce. Local opticians and optometrists visit and discuss their
    roles in the marketplace, help motivate and encourage students, and provide free vision screenings to RCSD students. Both program
    years prepare students for further study or employment in the optical fields.
    Students who complete the program are eligible for Career in Technical Education credit and endorsements on their diploma,
    as well as earning credit towards a degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing from Erie Community College in Williamsville, NY.  
    Does your child need to have their glasses repaired? Please contact me at logan.newman@rcsdk12.org 
    or fill out this Google form as a referral for student needs