• Step to College

    What is Step to College?

    Step to College is a college preparation collaborative that aims to provide a program that offers high school scholars and prospective college applicants an opportunity to experience the expectations and rigor of college through academic, social, recreational, and community related experiences.


    Why is this program needed?

    College access, persistence and completion for low income, minority and first generation populations is critical to the economic well-being of our scholars, their families and the community at large.


    Program Focus/Highlights:

      • Cohort Size 20 – 30 Rising 9th graders (those who have just completed 8th grade)
      • Four year Academic Boot Camp Immersion Program
        8:00am - 9:00pm - Monday –Saturday and overnights on campus – two weeks during the summer
      • Two instructors per class - Scholars are taught by some of their own middle/high-school teachers and additional dynamic community members
      • Content focus on Reading/Writing/Vocabulary/Math/Science (Science in years 3 & 4)
      • Scholars learn about:
        • The college application process
        • What to expect after being accepted
        • Financial aid requirements and expectations
        • Life outside of the classroom
        • Dorm life
        • Building relationships with other college students and professors
        • Mentorship
        • Appropriate college conduct
        • College level academics


      • Team building activities such as educational field trips, sports, recreational activities, competitions, and academic study halls, will be a part of the Step to College Program


    Program Goals: Scholars will be prepared for admission, and to persist within a two-year or four-year college (U of R and/or RIT – scholar will qualify for Promise Scholarship)

    Contact Info:

    Ashley Cross
    585.288.3130 x2214

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