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    Welcome to the East Alumni Network website! This is the electronic hub for East alumni! Links to the past and bridges to the future can be found right here. Our goal is to build connections between past and current East students. We want to hear your stories from when you went to East, and we want to inform you about what's happening at East.
    We also want your support to help the East's current scholars, so they too can become East Alumni.
    In its over 100-year history, distinguished East alumni have achieved success in many fields. Since East moved to its current location, almost 60 classes have graduated from East.
    Let's stay connected with the East Alumni Network so we can ensure our success continues for many years to come.
    Go East!
    Alumni Information
    We want to hear what you've done since graduating from East. We also want your contact information so we can stay in touch with you. Please let us know by filling out the Alumni Information Form



    Let us know if your class is planning a reunion. We'd like to support you.
    Contact East Alum Class of 1985, Nicole (Smith) Gibbons, Community Coordinator, at Nicole.Gobbons@rcsdk12.org or (585) 288-3130 ext. 4263.
    Previous Reunions
    Class of 1969 Reunion - The Class of 1969 hosted a reunion. On Friday, August 13th, for more information or updates, contact Ron Schnarr, Class of 1969 alum, at rschnarr1285@yahoo.com
    Class of 1970 Reunion - The Class of 1970 hosted its 50th (+1) reunion on Friday, October 15th, 202, for information or updates, contact Judy (Vecchio) Chancinski at (904) 637-9353 or judychacinski@comcast.net or Pat (mcGrail) Gernski at 585-288-7927 or page6970@yahoo.com
    Class of 2001 Reunion - The Class of 2001 hosted a reunion on Friday, August 13th - Sunday, August 15th, 2021.