• Reopening Information for Parents/Guardians

General Frequenly Asked Questions

  • What is East's plan for reopening?

  • What is the 2020-2021 school calendar?

  • What is my child's class schedule?

  • What is the bell schedule/what does the school day look like?

  • What's the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning?

  • What safety measures are in place for in-person instruction?

  • Will in-person learning scholars turn in their phones when entering the building?

  • Where can I pickup a Chromebook, MiFi, or class materials?

Academic Frequently Asked Questions

  • What learning platforms will my child use?

  • What are East's distance learning norms?

  • How will attendance be taken?

  • How will my child be graded?

  • Will my child be required to have their video on during class?

  • My child has a 504 plan and/or IEP. How will their needs be met?

  • What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do to support my child's learning at home?

  • What technology does my child need to have at home?

  • Will there be clubs or afterschool activities?

  • Are sports in session?