All 89 of us arrived in NYC early Thursday morning.  We began our day by  joining the crowd that had assembled outside of the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza.  We met up with our tour guides who lead us to the Ferry that took us to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  We docked at Ellis Island and scholars and chaperones went their own ways to explore the Museum and enjoy lunch at the cafe.  Following lunch we made our way back to the bus that took us to Chinatown and Soho where many of us worked our bargaining skills for some cool souvenirs.  We walked to the campus of NYU where many of us took a much needed rest in Washington Park.  Finally, we spent some time in Times Square where we met at Planet Hollywood for dinner and then ended the evening attending the Lion King on broadway....it was fabulous!  The next day we went for a tour at the United Nations building, went to Nike Town and the Bronx Zoo.  NYC was an awesome trip.......many memories will be cherished.