The US Latino Digital Humanities (USLDH) program serves as a venue for scholarship focused on the US Latino written legacy that has been lost, absent, repressed, or underrepresented. The USLDH program provides a physical space for the development, support, and training in digital humanities projects using a vast collection of newspapers, photographs, and digital materials; creates opportunities and facilities for digital publication of Latino-based projects and scholarship; promotes and fosters interdisciplinary scholarly work; provides a communal virtual space to share knowledge and projects related to Latino digital humanities, and establishes a Latino digital humanities hub.


    Click on the icon above, "Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage Digital Collections" where you will find an alphabetical list of ongoing digital humanities projects that come out of the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage archives. These materials can be used to enrich your curriculum in Social Studies, ELA, SLA, credit recovery course-work, and other classes in the humanities.