• The product Caribbean Connections: Puerto Rico has just been UPDATED. The following scholars, Rosalie Reyes, Fayette Colon, and Deborah Menkart provided further feedback on materials to further support teachers and students who are using this resource. Other contributors of new materials for this 2020 edition include Alicia Lopez, Ricardo Gabriel, William Garcia, and Sujei Lugo. Ricardo Gabriel, in particular, was very helpful in terms of feedback on earlier versions of this project and lessons. Puerto Rican studies and other forms of socially relevant and culturally sustaining pedagogy can be a bridge; addressing the needs of older and newer communities and creating awareness and understanding between them and other marginalized student groups. The five themes in this book: history and geography; identity; government, economy, and civic life; land and environment; and culture and traditions, are good starting places for educating students of all backgrounds about Puerto Rico. It is a well-rounded introduction with an emphasis on literature and the arts that pushes back against Eurocentric and colonial narratives.

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