New America analyzed professional teaching standards in all 50 states to better understand whether states’ expectations for teachers incorporate culturally responsive teaching. To support this analysis, we identify eight competencies that clarify what teachers should know and be able to do in light of research on culturally responsive teaching. This research finds that while all states already incorporate some aspects of culturally responsive teaching within their professional teaching standards, the majority of states do not yet provide a description of culturally responsive teaching that is clear or comprehensive enough to support teachers in developing and strengthening their culturally responsive practice throughout their careers. As an added resource, excerpts have been assembled from state standards in which Culturally Responsive Teaching is already well articulated, as well as a data visualization that describes the prevalence of Culturally Responsive Teaching competencies in teaching standards across states. Please click here or on the above  icon to access further information on Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Culturally Responsive Resources

Culturally Responsive Excerpts