• February 3-
    Where and how did the Byzantine Empire develop?
    How was the Byzantine Empire diverse?
    Which date marks the split in the Christian Church and which form of Christianity was practiced in the Byzantine Empire?
    February 4
    What type of ruler was Justinan and how did his government contribute to a strong military and economy?
    How did Rome's Twelve Tables influence Justinian's Code?
    How did Justinian and the Byzantine Empire contribute to engineering, architecture and art?
    February 5
    What did the art and architecture of Constaninople, the capital the Byzantine Empire, reflect?
    Who controlled the business of the Orthodox Christian Church and why was this a conflict for the Pope?
    What were three major differences between the Orthodox Christian Church in the east and the Roman Catholic Church in the west that contributed to the schism/split?
    February 6
    What were the three long term causes of the fall of the Byzantine Empire?
    Which event marks the collapse of the Byzantine Empire?
    How did the Byzantine Empire influence the development of Russia's and other Eastern lands' language, religion, government, art and architecture?
    February 10
    Which monotheistic religion were people from the Arabian peninsula/Arabs spreading during the time of the Byzantine Empire?
    Who is the founder of Islam, where did Islam begin, and what is the Islamic holy book?
    What are the Five Pillars/Duties of Muslims, followers of Islam?
    February 11
    Who was Muhammad's successor following his death and what tite did he take?
    Why were Muslim leaders relatively tolerant rulers and how did the Shi'a and Sunni rival Isamic groups emerge?
    How did Abbasids expand the Islamic/Arabic empire?
    February 12
    When did Islam's Golden Age occur and how did the Muslims encourage diversity?
    How did the Muslim scholars preserve the works of Greeks and which three major centers of learning existed in the Muslim Empires?
    Why are religious portrayals of God or human figures absent from mosques and how were mosques decorated?
    February 13
    How did Muslims influence the development of mathematics, astonomy and medicine?
    How did the Islamic empires develop a prosperous economy?
    Which three business practices did the Muslims develop?
    February 14
    How did the achievements of the Muslims'work reach Christian Europe?
    How was Islamic policy of toleration reflected in Spain?
    How did Muslim rule impact the development of Sicily?