• Mrs. Amy Lewis
    Educational Background:
    MS English - SUNY Brockport
    MS Ed - Nazareth College
    Elementary Education PK-6
    Special Education K-12
    I am a 14-year veteran of the Rochester City School District. Currently I am a special education teacher of both Global History I and Global History II. I am also a mentor and peer reviewer. What this means is that I teach 3 periods at East High School and am released the rest of the day to guide the development of new teachers and evaluate experienced teachers.  
    More information about what I do as a lead teacher/mentor can be found here...
    Personal info:
    Because of my red hair people think that I am Irish; actually, I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant and very proud of my Italian heritage!
    I've been married for 10 years and have 2 beautiful children - Jack (8) and Katelyn (9).

    I happily spend most of every day teaching, mastering skills to be a better teacher, and  collaborating with other teachers.
    When not engrossed in education I can be found:
    *enjoying coffee http://www.javascafe.com/
    *watching movies http://thelittle.org/
    *going to the theatre http://www.rbtl.org/
    "Education is the passport to the futre, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."------Malcolm X