• November 25

    How did the Zhou dynasty justify the overthrow of the Shang dynasty?
    What was the mandate of heaven and what did it explain?
    What were the signs that a dynasty was losing its mandate of heaven and what was expected of a new dynasty?
    November 26
    Which type of political system emerged during the Zhou dynasty and how did it work?
    How did the economy grow during the Zhou rule?
    Which three major achievements occurred during the Zhou rule?
    December 2
    Which dynasty replaced the Zhou dynasty thus claiming the mandate of heaven in 221 BC?
    How did Shi Huangdi, the first emperor, centralize his power?
    Which constructed feature was created to protect China from outsiders during the Qin dynasty?
    December 3
    How did Gao Zu contribute to the Han dynasty lasting?
    What were Wudist major achievements during the Han Dynasty?
    How did the Chinese contribute to technology, science and arts during its golden age - a period of peace and prosperity?
    December 4
    Which two major philosophies developed during the Zhou dynasty and how did they differ from earlier religious beliefs?
    Why did King Zi Confucius develop Confucianism and what were 3 of Confucius's major teachings?
    What are the five key relationships according to Confucius?
    December 5
    How did the 5 key relationships work and and what is filial piety and reciprocity?
    How did the Han dynasty infuse Confucianism into Chinese Culture?
    How long did Confucianism guide Chinese government and society?
    December 6
    Who developed Daoism?Taoism and what are three major teachings?
    How is the yin and the yang related to Daoism?
    Why did people turn to Buddhism when it reached China from India?
    December 11
    Which 2 cultures greatly contributed to the development of Hinduism and the caste system in India?
    How did Islam, another monotheistic religion, reach India?
    Which 2 great classical civilizations emerged in India?
    December 12
    What are the three main Hindu gods and what is the goal of life for Hindus?
    How do Hindus achieve union with Brahman
    Why do Hindus believe in reincarnation?
    December 13
    How is karma different from dharma and how does karma determine caste?
    Which five social classes make up India's or Hinduism's caste system? (ILLUSTRATE)
    What do the Vedas and the Upanishads, Hindu's sacred/religious texts, contain?
    December 16
    Why did Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha or Enlightened One, develop Buddhism?
    What are the Four Noble Truths and what is the ultimate goal of Buddhists?
    What aspects of Hinduism do Buddhists accept and which aspects of Hinduism do Buddhists reject?
    December 17
    When did India experience its Golden Age, a period of peace and prosperity?
    What are three ways the Indians advanced mathematics and medicine?
    How did Indians contribute to architecture and literature during the Gupta golden age?
    January 6
    Where is Greece located and which features created small city-states in Ancient Greece?
    Which waterways link Greece to the rest of the world?
    How did Greece's location influence its economic development?
    January 7
    Who were the first two groups of people to settle in Greece?
    Why did polis or city-states develop in Greece?
    Which different types of governments existed in the Greek city-states?
    January 8
    What is the difference between a monarch and a tyrant?
    How is an aristocracy different from an oligarchy?
    Why is Athen's democracy, a government by the people, a limited democracy?
    January 9
    How did Sparta's focus differ from Athens?
    Which two developments made the Greeks a stronger fighting force?
    Who was involved in the long lasting Persian wars and who was victorious?
    January 10
    Who were the three Greek philosophers and what were their major teachings?
    How did the Greeks make contributions to the arts and architecture?
    Which advances did the Greeks make in math and medicine and how did Alexander the Great impact Greece?
    January 13
    Where was Rome founded and what were the advantages of it's location?
    Why was Rome called a republic?
    Describe two groups in the Roman republic: the patricians and the plebeians.
    January 14
    Looking at the map of the Roman Empire, what territory did Rome add between 264 BC and 146 BC?
    How was trade encouraged in the Roman Empire?
    What three continents were part of the Roman Empire in 43 BC?
    January 15
    What is Greco-Roman culture?
    What were some Roman achievements in both literature and history?
    What were Rome's most major contributions to Western Culture? (at least 3)
    January 16
    Who was the founder of Christianity? What beliefs did he have in common with the Jewish faith?
    What new messages did Jesus preach?
    In what year did Christianity become the official religion of the Roman Empire? Why did many people find comfort in Christianity?
    January 17
    What military problems did Rome face?
    What changes did Diocletrian make to help the Roman empire?
    What happened to the eastern and western parts of the empire after the invasions by the Germanic tribes and the Huns?