• Sophomores
    Course Description
    (1 credit – 2 Semesters)

    In the 10th grade seminar, students study the issues in education and the organization of schools.  Students perform an in depth ethnographic study of their own community, identify the greatest needs of children in our neighborhoods, and create the Ideal School to address the needs of our children.  The skills of leading in the classroom are further reinforced by the study of lesson plan writing, community building activities and public speaking.   Students visit two different elementary schools during the year and observe a specific teacher through a shadowing experience.  Students must take notes during their experiences, but they also assist with simple classroom chores and work with children in small groups.  By studying the layout of the classroom and the expected duties and roles of the teacher, students gain an awareness of the responsibilities and the daily routine of the classroom teacher.  Each visit is one hour in length; there are eight visits in the 10th grade year.