• Elementary School Field Experiences 

    An integral part of the TLI program is the elementary school field experience. During these visits, students observe teacher and students in the elementary school setting, reflect on what they have seen, learn routines of the elementary school teacher, assist the teacher with daily tasks, and work on an individual or small group basis with students.    These “real world” experiences ground the program’s curriculum.

     The teachers at our partner schools are wonderful educators who continue to support our mission of empowering TLI students to lead and educate others.  They have supported our efforts TLI students active in the elementary school classroom.   By creating a meaningful relationship between TLI students and the elementary school children, our cooperating teachers have helped create additional motivation for our students. Because they know children are depending on them to be role models, TLI students have greater incentive to be successful in their studies and in their ability to positively affect their community.



      9th Grade Field Experiences

    Students visit and observe different elementary school programs in the Rochester City School District.  In their observations, TLI students investigate the school’s culture, philosophy, special programs, socio-economic background and the ethnicity of the student population.   TLI students reflect on what they have seen through participation in activities in the TLI seminar.  Each visit is one hour in length; there are five site visits in the 9th grade year.


    10th Grade Field Experiences

    Students visit two different elementary schools during the year and observe a specific teacher through a shadowing experience. Students must take notes during their experiences, but they also assist with simple classroom chores and work with children in small groups. By studying the layout of the classroom and the expected duties and roles of the teacher, students gain an awareness of the responsibilities and the daily routine of the classroom teacher. Each visit is one hour in length; there are eight visits in the 10th grade year.


    11th Grade Field Experiences

    In the second semester of junior year, students return to elementary school classrooms to observe and shadow a different teacher. They focus on the different elements of teaching by identifying the needs of a diverse mix of students and the variety of teaching styles used to address them.   Students develop their own educational techniques as they teach one-on-one and work with small groups. Each visit is one hour in length; there are sixteen visits in the 11th grade year.     

    12th Grade Field Experiences

    Students complete an internship with an elementary teacher during the first semester of senior year. In many cases, these placements occur with the same teacher with whom the students worked in the 11th grade year. The students work four days per week, two hours per day for a total of ten weeks. This is a paid experience for students since they are interns and expected to adhere to the same practices as an employee. Within the classroom setting, TLI students work with individual students and small groups, preparing and executing lessons with the guidance of their cooperating elementary teacher.


     Volunteer Hours

    Beyond the observations, students often return to the classroom to volunteer their time. Many are asked to be chaperones for field trips, classroom helpers, and one-on-one tutors. By the time TLI students graduate, they have logged over 100 hours of volunteer work in their four years with the program.