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    What is the Rochester Participatory Educational Research Collaborative (RPERC?)


    RPERC is a group of dedicated student and faculty researchers, working together to  shed light on the primary causes of social injustices that challenge urban students.


     Who are the participants in RPERC?

     RPERC is comprised of students and faculty from the Teaching & Learning Institute at East High School and Nazareth & St. John Fisher Colleges in Rochester, NY. 


    How are research topics chosen?
    RPERC's research topics are chosen by consensus of the entire collaborative. Our current working question is  What does it mean to be Colleg Ready?

    RPERC Researchers have already shared their preliminary findings at
    • The Columbia University Teachers College at the Diversity and Research Conference in New York City
    • Nazareth College (graduate classes in Adolescenet and Literacy Education)
    • St. John Fisher College (doctoral classes in Executive Leadership and both undergraduate and graduate classes on Childhood, Adolescent and Special Education; World Philosophy Day)
    • University of Rochester