Enrico Fermi School No. 17

School No. 17

School Information

  • 158 Orchard Street, 14611
    (585) 436-2560

    Principal: Damaris Saltares

    Class Hours: 7:30am–1:30pm
    Program for 3 & 4-year-olds

    Program for 3 and 4-year-olds  Bilingual Programs

Program Features

    • Wraparound Care Availability: No Transportation Availability: RTS bus pass
    • Medical/Counseling Services Availability: Medical and Dental Health Program through Community Health Center.
    • Parent Groups/Supports: Parent Liaison, Parent Teacher Student Association. Parent Support Staff offers discussions that focus on bridging home and school, and classroom-based parent/child activities. Families are welcome in the classroom.

Unique Features

    • Is a full-day program.
    • Offers Dual Language PK4 class
    • RTS bus pass available for parents in need of transportation to/from the program. Pass is for the adult and child rides free.
    • Unique learning experiences include large motor time in the gym, outdoor play with bicycles, and six field trips throughout the year for parents and children. Families are encouraged to join parent groups and the principal’s book club. The air conditioned classrooms are fully equipped with computers and age appropriate materials. Students are included in all school activities such as library, family nights, assemblies and the Royal Ball.

Two-Way Dual Language Program

  • In RCSD, the Prekindergarten Two-Way Dual Language program model of 90/10, includes sequential and simultaneous. The teacher and paraprofessional provide instruction in Spanish (90%) and English (10%). The goal of this program is for students to develop: 

    • Oral language proficiency in Spanish and English  
    • Literacy in Spanish (immersion for simultaneous bilinguals) 

    in order to be bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. 

    Emergent (Sequential) Bilinguals 
    Children who are exposed to a second language after the age of three. 

    Simultaneous Bilinguals 
    Children who are exposed to more than one language prior to the age of three.