• Technical Support Teachers

    Learn. Model. Lead. Empower

    Technical Support Teachers (TSTs) are assigned to EPK and UPK classrooms in both district and Community Based Organization (CBO) sites to support teaching teams in creating developmentally appropriate programs that meet the needs of children, maintaining fidelity to the HighScope Curriculum. TSTs ensure that classroom teaching teams have the resources and support necessary to provide a high-quality Early Childhood learning experience for RCSD children.

    Supports provided include:

    • Demonstrating, modeling, coaching, and/or co-teaching effective, research-based teaching strategies.
    • Supporting language development, behavior management, problem solving, and use of rituals and routines in the classroom.
    • Supporting Prekindergarten teaching teams in using the HighScope Curriculum, as well as the Math and ELA Scope and Sequences.
    • Facilitating consistent access to learning experiences aligned to the NYS Next Generation Standards and NYS Foundation for the Common Core.
    • Supporting teaching teams in the development of short- and long-term goals.
    • Assisting teaching teams in developing individualized student support using differentiated instruction.
    • Supporting teaching teams in the implementation of the Pyramid Model and the development of other social-emotional learning and behavior regulation systems.
    • Supporting teaching teams in the collection, interpretation, and use of data required for program assessment.
    • Coordinating professional development opportunities for early childhood educators.


    Our Technical Support Teachers

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