• Many PreK classrooms are expanding their school day starting February 3, 2014  

    In 2014, our District received a state grant to expand Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) in most classrooms from a half-day to a full-day schedule.
    Nearly 850 more students in Pre-Kindergarten classes at community organizations and city schools are attending full-day Pre-K because of this grant. If your child attends half-day Pre-Kindergarten at a District school, you may be able to enroll your child in a full-day UPK program at another school. Spaces may still be available in full-day classrooms for new enrollments and to place students whose families would like to transfer. The expanded school day is six hours long.
    Pre-K gives your child:
    • A free healthy breakfast and lunch• Computer games 
    • Indoor and outdoor play• Music, art, and dramatic play 
    • Lots of hands-on learning• A 30-minute rest time every day

    ...and skills to be Kindergarten-ready!
    Full-day Pre-K is offered at no cost to families, just like the half-day program. Parents who currently receive child care after UPK class will need to pay less for child care.

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