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    About Our Program

    Our Vision: The Rochester City School District prekindergarten program empowers young children to successfully contribute to their families, schools, communities, and environment.

    Our Mission: To provide 3-and 4-year-old prekindergarten children with the opportunity to participate in challenging, stimulating programming designed to support their language, cognitive, and social development while being sensitive to their strengths and needs.

    Free Universal Prekindergarten

    When your child enters a Universal Prekindergarten program in the Rochester City School District, they become part of a learning community that nurtures individual growth and provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. The RCSD prekindergarten experience offers an instructional program taught by certified teachers to prepare your child for school. Children who participate:

    • Learn socialization skills through group activities.
    • Experience reading and writing readiness activities.
    • Are better prepared for school success.
    • Are more likely to attain higher levels of education.

    Your child may spend up to six (6) hours at a nearby prekindergarten program, or at a limited number of half-day (2.5 hour) placements in either morning or afternoon sessions. Childcare subsidies for before-and after-school care, as well as breaks and summers, are not lost when participating in this program. If transportation is not offered at your location, your provider can issue a free bus pass to you. Your child will ride free. These are 31-day passes so they can also be use outside of the prekindergarten time period.

    Preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds

    The Rochester City School District Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) program is open to children of all city residents who will be three (3) or four (4) years old on or before December 1, 2020. Most programs are full-day (6 hours); however, there are a few half-day programs (2.5 hours) available as well. In addition, bilingual, multilingual, and special education programming is available at a variety of sites for both three (3) and four (4) year old children. Please contact us (585-262-8140) to speak to one of our registration specialists if you are seeking a seat in one of these classes.