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    NYS maintains that children who are not toilet trained cannot be excluded from Prekindergarten, and it is a skill that must be taught to the children. NYS recommends: "School districts should include the family in development of a plan that supports the child using the toilet independently. Schools should work with families to establish vocabulary words and a routine that can be used consistently at both home and school." Therefore, the Early Childhood Department offers a program that involves teaching teams, families, and Adult Family Educators to support children in developing this life skill.


    Transition children from a diaper at home to pull ups and come to school each day wearing a pull up. Upon completion of the program, children will choose 2 packs each of the training pants as they "graduate" to big kid underwear.

    Program Implementation Steps:

    1. Teacher fills out the first section of the Toilet Training Readiness Checklist for each student who is not toilet trained. If 8 of the 11 items on the checklist are met, then the child is developmentally ready and eligble for the program.
    2. The adult with the best relationship with the family (teacher, paraprofessional, adult family educator, parent liaison, etc.) will contact families of eligible students and ask them to complete the second section of the Toilet Training Readiness Checklist.
    3. The family and teaching team will develop a toilet training plan based on the "Helpful Hints" listed on the Toilet Training Readiness Checklist.
    4. The paraprofessional receiving the toileting differential will provide the parents with materials from the program.
    5. The paraprofessional receiving the toileting differential will keep a log of the child's progress and will communicate with families regarding the child's progress.

    Supplies for Families:

    • For the first 4 weeks, each child will be sent home with 1 pack of pull ups (take home packs).
    • After the first 4 weeks, children should choose 2 packs of training pants.
    • 1 Potty Watch

    Toilet Training Print Materials