• Why Universal PreKindergarten?
    When your child enters the free Universal Prekindergarten program in the Rochester City School District, he or she becomes part of a learning community that nurtures individual growth and provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
    Why enroll?
    Pre-K offers an educational program taught by a NYS certified teacher to prepare your child for learning in school. Children who participate in quality early childhood programs:
    • Learn socialization skills through group activities;
    • Experience reading and writing readiness activities;
    • Are better prepared for school success;
    • Are more likely to attain higher levels of education.
    Click here to view posters giving facts about the Rochester Pre-K programs and the child assessment used.
    Click here to view the 18th Annual Rochester Early Childhood Assessment Partnership (RECAP) Report.
    What to expect:
    • Your child will receive a minimum of 2 1/2 hours of an intentionally planned Pre-K program.
    • All of Rochester's Prekindergarten classrooms use the HighScope Curriculum. Click here for more information about the HighScope Curriculum.
    • The curriculum is aligned to NYS Learning Standards and ensures continuity with elementary grades.
    • Activities are learner-centered and promote a child's growth and development.
    • There are NYS certified teachers in all school and community UPK classrooms.
    New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards
    • Click here for NYS Standards

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