Vision Care Program

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    Vision Care is a career pathway at East where students learn the skills and responsibilities of a working optician. In year 1 of the program, they learn about the structure and function of the eye and how to make a pair of glasses from start to finish. In year 2 students continue to make glasses, but add in more complex types (we will make bifocals and progressive lenses later in the year), work with eye doctors who volunteer their time, and repair and/or replace glasses for students at East and within the RCSD.


    We will, on occasion, have eye doctors who volunteer to come to East to perform what we call "vision screenings." These visits result in a prescription that we can use to make the student a pair of glasses. The second-year students actually work with the patients performing pre-screening needs, taking measurements, and helping them to pick out stylish frames. 

    If you have a student in need of new glasses please click on the link to the right to refer them to me via or email me directly at:
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