• Graphic Imaging III

    Prerequisite: Graphic Imaging II


    In this third-level course, students will use the Adobe Creative Suite to create sophisticated digital design solutions. Students will focus on creating projects that demonstrate their ability to research, investigate, brainstorm and organize information in order to reach visually engaging solutions. Students will use industry standard procedures to produce professional quality projects. The course will culminate with a final professional portfolio presentation. (1.0 credit)

    Basic Information:

    Teacher:          Dawn Alday                            Contact:          dawn.alday@rcsdk12.org

    Course Evaluation:

    Students’ grades will be based on:

    • Tests (30%) – There will be a written format assessment at the end of each unit.
    • Projects (45%) – There will be a design project at the end of each unit.
    • Classwork (25%) – This includes following along during presentations as well as using work time appropriately.


    I expect students to be ON TIME every day and be ready to participate. Respect and take care of our materials, equipment, and supplies. Be willing to try new things and solve problems in new and unique ways. And follow these three simple rules: Be safe. Don’t prevent me from teaching. Don’t prevent others from learning.

    Course Outline:

    Unit 1: Package Design

    -    Role of Package Designer, form v function, evaluation of a package design, food packaging materials, brand emblem creation, turning 2D designs into 3D products, creating a design pitch presentation. Creation of Cereal Box, Beverage Bottle Label and Brand Choice Package in Illustrator and Photoshop.


    Unit 2: Infographics

    -     Visual representations of information, data or knowledge in an audience-friendly manner: charts, graphs, timeline, map.


    Unit 3: Comic Book Design

    -     Conveying a story through visuals and not words. Creation of a proportionally correct character in Illustrator and a Comic Book Spread that tells an engaging story in a single spread.


    Unit 4: Print Production

    -     Researching, synthesizing and conveying information to a target audience. Creation of a handbook for teens that meets industry standards for production.


     Unit 5: Portfolio Production/Displaying Work for an Audience

    -        Compiling an effective design portfolio: compiling work, redesigning/refining work, choosing the best work based on specific skills/concepts.  Creation of a Portfolio Website that highlights pieces as individuals and portfolio as a whole.