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    "I am interested in ideas, not merely in visual products."
    - Marcel Duchamp
     The secret to happiness is not always in doing what you like, but in mindfully liking whatever you do.”  Marc.

    My Biography:
    When I was in high school, my favorite classes were Math, Technical Drawing, and the Industrial Arts Wood, Metal, and Electrical Shop classes. 
    I graduated from Watertown High School and that October I joined the US Air Force where I was a Navigational Aids Equipment Technician for 21-years.  I maintained and repaired ground-to-air radio transmitters that were received by the aircraft instrumentation, and used by pilots for navigation.  I was stationed in the US at seven bases, in Germany twice, and I did a one year tour in Korea.  While in the Air Force, I earned a 2-year degree in Electronics Systems Technology.  Air Force Communications Command unit patch
     When I retired from the Air Force, we moved to an air base in the Netherlands.  I became Mr. Mom and raised our two daughters during the day while my wife was a PreK-third grade teacher of the American students.  In the evenings I was a bartender and cook in the base club system snack bar.  We later moved to Germany, where I was again a bartender, and I worked in the base frame shop framing pictures for a year.
    In the summer of 1997 I moved back to the states to finish my Bachelor's Degree.  I did home renovations and DJ'd for Whirlin' Disk DJs in Watertown.  That fall, I moved to East Syracuse and began commuting to Oswego State to finish my bachelor's degree in Technology Education.  I graduated in December 1999 and began teaching for the Rochester City School District that February.  I began taking evening Vocational Technology Education classes at Oswego State and earned my Master's Degree in Technology Education six years later.
    I am an active teacher mentor for the RCSD City-Wide First Robotics Team 3838 that meets at the Rochester Engineering Center at the Edison Career and Technology High School.  First Robotics teaches students how to build and program robots that compete each year in a First Robotics competition  The First Lego League teaches students in the 5th - 8th grade using a Lego robotics kit.  High school students build a larger robot that competes regionally at RIT.  Two seasons ago, Team 3838 qualified to go to the First Robotics world championship in St. Louis.    http://www.firstinspires.org/
    The team 3838 website: http://roccityrobotix.org/about-us/  
     First Robotics Logo

    I have three daughters and I live off Empire Boulevard in Irondequoit with my wife and youngest daughter.  I enjoy home and vehicle repair and restoration, woodworking, Cape Vincent and the 1000 Islands, pulling our RV to NC and GA to visit my two older daughters and their families, and spending time with family and friends locally.  I also enjoy watching the local HS, college, and professional lacrosse games in the area.  Finally, I am active at my Episcopal Church and the Henrietta American Legion.