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    More about the Edison Pathways
    At Edison Tech, students follow one of four distinct career pathways where they will get hands-on training and on-the-job experience that ties in to their class instruction to make their classes more relevant and exciting. Each pathway is designed to prepare students to move in to in-demand career fields or college after graduation.
    This pathway prepares students for a variety of careers in engineering, manufacturing, photonics, optics, robotics, automotive technology, and related fields. Projects give students a practical application of English language arts, math, science, and technology.
    This pathway prepares students for a variety of careers in building trades, architecture, and interior design. Students see projects through drafting, building, renovating, and designing phases while applying a variety of academic knowledge and skills.
    This pathway prepares students for visual imaging careers including television/video production, graphic design, printing, web design, and coding. Students hone their creative skills by designing and building projects using industry standard software and equipment while applying academic knowledge to real world applications.
    At P-Tech, students will be prepared to begin careers in a range of exciting competitive jobs in the computing and information technology industry, such as development of software applications, working on a computer help desk, designing and testing future productions, installing and maintaining technology, and working in the specialized fields of cyber security, cloud and mobile computing, and networking. P-Tech is a six year program in which students graduate with an associate's degree.