•  Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering


    The Rochester area is world renowned as a home for technologically advanced and groundbreaking manufacturing. Our high-tech landscape used to be made up of the Big Three: Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb but now is comprised of many smaller firms on the cutting edge of manufacturing, production, and design. Rochester's recent designation as the national Photonics center has further brought energy and excitement to this field.


    Advanced manufacturing companies work in a wide array of industries. They do large scale production and specialty small-run assemblies. They create innovative new product designs and manufacturing processes. Advanced manufacturing requires precision and quality workmanship that will keep Rochester at the forefront of this ever changing field!


    Careers in this field are readily available in the Rochester area- jobs are in Tooling & Machining, Applied Integrated Technologies/Mechatronics,  Mechanical Engineering Technologies, Electrical Engineering Technologies, and Optical Systems Technology.