• Edison Tech Is The Right Fit

    Edison Career and Technology High School offers an array of specialized services to our students. Edison Tech is one of the few Rochester City School District high schools to offer the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) program. Teachers are specifically chosen to service students in this unique program catered to teach them life skills to ready them to be more independent after high school. In addition to our NYSAA program we offer services to students with any Individualized Education Plan (IEP) readying these students for life after high school by teaching them the skills needed to obtain a job or career in one of our many trades.

    Our English as a New Language (ENL) teaching staff offer specialty support to our many students who are improving their English. These students take course work in English and an ENL teacher provides additional support in core classes to ensure student success. We have a very diverse group of ENL students. Collectively our students speak more than ten different languages at home.

    The Bilingual Academy within Edison Tech offers Spanish speaking students core classes in Spanish while they work towards learning English. Students work with Bilingual speaking teachers in Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students in this program take Spanish Language Arts instead of the traditional ELA course. Edison Tech is one of a few RCSD high schools that offer bilingual course work.