Science and Technology
    What is Technology Education?  

    "Technology Education is the study of the human-made world.   Students will learn the process of designing and engineering solutions in a hands-on, minds-on environment of invention and innovation."



    The RCSD 6th - 8th grade Technology classes are called Technology.  The classes are not called Computers.  In fact, seldom will we use computers in this class.  A computer is a tool; we will use it to help us to learn about technology.  Think of this class as a career exploration class.  Many 6th - 8th grade students do not know what their future career options are, or where the future will actually take them.

    Purpose of Course:  The RCSD 6th - 8th grade Technology classes uses the curriculum from the International Technology Education Association.  It is called Engineering by Design.  The curriculum we are using this year is called Exploring Technology.  It prepares students with an understanding of what is technology, the universal systems model, and opportunities to apply the engineering design process in problem solving.

    Course Overview

    In this course, students learn all about the nature of technology and problem solving.  Exploring Technology builds on K–5 experiences and develops a student's understanding of the scope of technology and its impacts on society.  They learn about the core concepts of technology and about the various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation.  Students also learn that technological design and problem-solving uses a repeating process with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result.  Students participate in engineering-design activities to understand how criteria, constraints, and processes affect designs.  Students are involved in activities and experiences where they learn about brainstorming, visualizing, sketching, modeling, constructing, testing, experimenting, and refining designs.  Students also develop skills in researching for information, and communicating design information.

    Exploring Technology provides the foundation for future studies in the sequence.  Students learn how Technology, Innovation, Design, and Engineering interrelate, and how they are interdependent.