• Course Requirements, Expectations, and Grading Policy

    Class Supplies Requirements:   You need to bring your 3-ring binder to my class as well as all of your other classes.  The binder should have dividers for each class, lined filler paper, and a pouch to keep enough spare pencils and pens.  It is your responsibility to monitor your school binder.  Your binder will help you to stay organized in all of your classes.  It must remain with you at all times in all of your classes.

    Attendance:   Attendance is very important. You will be expected to be in class, on time, at all times, unless you have an excused note.  We are trying to teach you to learn to be on time for work.  If you are going to be late for class, you need to politely ask teachers or administrators that cause you to be late to write a pass.  Or, you need a valid hall pass signed by the office or School Safety Officer.  Late students without a pass will be given a consequence!   If you are absent, assignments, quizzes, and tests must be made-up, completed, and graded.

    Facilities Information:    If you need to go to the bathroom, raise your hand and ask.  I will let you go as long as you are not abusing the privilege.  You cannot go the first and last 10-minutes of class.  The new restrooms and drinking fountains are over on the main hall by exit 1.   You cannot be in the hall without a hall pass!

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:   My number one rule is this:  Sit in your assigned seat and stay in your seat!  When you are assigned an activity, you must stay at your table, in your work area, and stay in your seat.  No running around the room, and no horseplay!  If you need assistance, raise your hand and I will help you as soon as possible.

    When you sit at your seat or enter a lab work area, you should always check to see that everything is in place and that no damage has occurred to any of the furniture, computers, or equipment before you begin working.  If you find anything that looks wrong, notify the teacher immediately.

    Classwork:   Print your name in INK on each page of any worksheets I may give you, in the space provided.  I will not give credit to an assignment that has the name crossed off, erasures, or rewritten.  Most class assignments are a 1-day, 100 point assignments.  Classwork that takes three to five days to complete will be worth 200 or 300 points.  You need to take assignments home if not finished and they are due at the beginning of the next class.  All electronic assignments such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that are created in a computer lab, must be e-mailed to me at my school e-mail address.  This is a real-world employability skill you need to learn how to do.

    Projects or Assignment Grading:   Projects are due on the assigned due date.  Until an assignment is finished and ready to be turned-in, safeguard it and keep it in your 3-ring binder, and always save e-assignments in your 890...student folder.  Do not throw away or delete any of your assignments!  You need to complete all class work, exams, labs, quizzes and activities.  If you turn in incomplete assignments, I will return them to you to fix or finish.  If you are absent, you must make-up all missing assignments.  Any missing or incomplete assignments receive a grade of zero.  The best time to makeup class work is after school, or to take it home where your family can help you.

    Quizzes and Exams:   In the early fall, you may be required to take a class pre-test.  You may be required to take a mid-term exam.  In June, you will be required to take a class post-test final exam.  You will usually have an exam near the end of each marking period.  Quizzes will be given periodically.  Some quizzes and tests will be announced others will not.

    Daily Grade:  Each week a class participation grade will be given.  This grade will include active classroom participation, preparedness for class, and for following correct rules and cleanup procedures.  If classroom rules, participation, and cleanup procedures are not followed, check marks or codes will be assigned which result in a 10-point deduction from the participation grade.