• Lower School Counselor Programming
    Classroom Workshops
    Grades 6-8

    Week of:



    September 19-23

    School Counseling Introduction

    Scholars will meet their counselor and demonstrate an understanding of the role their counselor plays in their personal and educational growth. An assessment will be given to identify student areas of need, and this data will be used to drive group formation and intervention.

    October 19-23

    Bullying Prevention

    Scholars will understand what bullying is and the four different types of bullying. Scholars will also learn about the different roles of the people involved in a bullying situation. Scholars will develop strategies to respond to bullying situations and learn how to help prevent these situations from occurring.

    November 16-18

    Understanding My Report Card

    Scholars will analyze their report card/transcript and will identify areas of strength and areas of growth. Scholars will be able to find their grade point average and explain what that number means. Scholars will learn about potential to earn high school credits (8th only). Scholars will also learn to set goals for the next marking period.

    December 19-23


    Scholars will learn the meaning of empathy and the importance of using empathic thinking when working with others and positively contributing to any educational community. 

    January 23-27

    Testing Tips & Study Skills

    Scholars will learn strategies for successful test-taking. This includes studying techniques, relaxation techniques and positive test-taking habits.

    March 6-10

    Course Selection & Future Planning

    Scholars will meet in small groups with their counselor to discuss progress this school year and choose courses for next year. Scholars will review information with their counselor that is needed for their success (ex. high school graduation requirements, test-taking strategies)

    April 10-13

    Career Connection

    Scholars will utilize the Naviance system to identify areas of interest, and connect those interests to potential careers. Scholars will research a chosen career and understand all requirements needed to obtain a position in the chosen field.

    May 19

    Career Block

    Scholars will actively participate in presentations given by professionals in the Rochester community. Scholars will identify at least 2 items they learned from each presentation regarding that specific career path.