East Eagle



    Course Overview

    This year we will be studying Global History & Geography.  We will study history from the beginning of recorded time up through the present day. There will be an in-depth study of world cultures along with an emphasis on writing and the development of concepts and themes. 


    Overall Outcomes for this class in June 2016:

    ü  Global I & II – 2 Course Credits

    ü  ELA I & II – 2 Course Credits

    ü  Global Regents Exam


    ü  Contribute to a positive learning environment

    ü  Manage your time effectively

    ü  Follow the daily routine

    ü  Use your classmates as resources

    ü  Earn an 80 or above in all marking periods

    ü  Ask questions when you need to

    ü  Do homework regularly

    ü  Come prepared and on time every day

    ü  Fill out your pass if you want to leave the room for ANY reason



    The breakdown of the grading policy is as follows:

    Homework – 10%

    Classwork– 20%

    Quizzes 15%

    Regents Study Guides – 15%

    Unit Exam- 20%