• Technical Support Teachers provide support to Prekindergarten teachers in the schools and at community-based organizations.  They identify needs and provide assistance that will promote more effective teacher instruction and improved student performance.

     Mary Rose

     Mary Rose Bianco-Rion
     Technical Support Teacher


     Barbara Decker
    Technical Support Teacher 



     Mariella Diaz 
     Technical Support Teacher


     Julie Picture
     Julie Engard
     Technical Support Teacher

     Sandy Hess
     Technical Support Teacher 


     Nancy O'Heron
     Technical Support Teacher


     Meredith Paris
     Technical Support Teacher








     Betsy Wing-Schroeder  
     Technical Support Teacher 

     Technical Support Teachers:
      • Facilitate the implementation of program goals and practice at designated Prekindergarten sites located in Community-based Organizations (CBO's) as well as RCSD school sites.
      • Support the implementation of the HighScope Curriculum through regular onsite classroom visits.
      • Demonstrate, model, coach and/or co-teach effective research-based teaching strategies including those that support language development, behavior management, problem solving, music, movement and productive transitions.
      • Assist teachers in creating standards-based learning environment in their classrooms.
      • Support Prekindergarten teachers in the development of effective short and long range goals and plans that support the NYS Common Core Prekindergarten Learning Standards.
      • Support and train Prekindergarten teachers in the collection of data required for program assessment.
      • Support and train Prekindergarten teachers in intentional teaching in order to scaffold instruction for students at all levels.
      • Provide support to teachers to interpret data from screenings, observations and assessments to revise practice for improved student outcomes.
      • Provide training and support to teachers, utilizing HighScope strategies, for reflecting on student andecdotal records to assess, practice and modify instruction to improve results.
      • Plan, implement and evaluate professional development for groups of early childhood educators and others.