• EMI AND I Think  
                            I have been teaching in the RCSD for 20 years.  Three of those years were spent teaching at School #33.  I enjoy teaching Physical Education because it gives me the opportunity to share the wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated through my education and experiences with our youth.  When teaching my physical education classes I find that the holistic approach works best for young adults in today's society.  Teaching sports skills is not enough.  I want all my students to be able to enjoy learning in a non-competitive and competitive environment.  I want them to be able to know how to cope with their stress and use fitness and sports as a release to refocus.  I also want them to be able to cooperate with their peers to address any conflicts that might arise.  I teach my students how to help each other and help me to manage our classes as partners.  My hope is that when they leave my class they will take with them information to address their physical fitness and socio-emotional needs.  And of course I want them to have fun while participating in the many activities offered to them.