What do ENL teachers do?

    • ESL =     English as a Second Language
    • ESOL =  English for Speakers of Other Languages
    • ENL =     English as a new language
    • ELL =     English language learner 
    ENL is the current term for classes and teacher certification. ELL is the current term for a scholar learning English as a new language.
    ENL classes support:
    • acquisition of (learning) the English language
    • academic and content vocabulary
    • close reading and reading strategies
    • the writing process
    • different types of writing
    • reading and writing stamina
    • study skills
    • test preparation
    The pre-test for ENL classes is the composite of scores on last year's NYSESLAT assessment. The post-test, another grade-level NYSESLAT, is administered in May. The new scores indicate the student's progress in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing the English language. Schools then determine what support each scholar needs, based on the NYSESLAT score.
    Content teachers and ENL teachers now co-teach many core content classes. The content teachers are experts in academic content, such as English or Social Studies. The ESOL teachers are experts in building language skills. Each is a specialist, but they work together equally as a team to support all students as they progress in gaining academic knowledge, language, literacy, and life skills.