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    **Students will take the AP Exam in May of their Sophomore Year for up to 6 credit hours. 

    Course Overview and Skill Development:

    AP World History is the study of human societies globally. It is designed to mirror an introductory college-level course. This course explores and analyzes thematically the interaction between humans, their societies, and their environments. Students are required to develop the thinking skills and processes that historians use in order to create historical narrative. Students will also be required to explore many different geographical regions and examine chronological sequences to compare historical events, people, ideas, technology, social systems, political constructs, migration patterns, art, and architecture. Students will analyze and assess competing models of periodization and recognize aspects of historical turning points. The course relies heavily on college-level resources including texts, primary sources, and diverse interpretations presented in historical scholarship. These resources are designed to develop the skills required to analyze point of view and to interpret evidence to use in creating plausible historical arguments, including

    causation. These tools will also be used to assess issues of change and continuity over time, to identify and contextualize global processes, to compare within and among societies, to understand diverse interpretations of history, and to synthesis disparate evidence from primary and secondary sources.