• Workshop Class: 
    You have (at least) 3 things to do this marking period
    •       Publish a piece that shows evidence of you meeting your writing goal
    •       Publish a piece of your choice (different from above)
    •       Complete the reading assessment given to you last class that relates to your reading goal

    I also need copies of your final drafts and any other drafts you’ve done – this is essential for me to see your process and see the products you have created
    The Workshop class will be piloting a new initiative at East High School: Standards Based Grading 
    Reminder about grades:
    60 = No Evidence
    70 = Not Yet
    80 = Approaching
    90 = Met Standard
    100 = Exceeded Standard
    Read 180:  
    Students will be graded on a combination of their achievement in each of the four categories of work done in the Read 180 classroom.
    1.           Completion of the R Book assignments
    2.           Time logged on Interactive Read 180 Software
    3.           Reading and Responding to Independent Reading books
    4.           Writing Reflection Journal
    Each of these categories is weighted equally. Students are expected to give their best effort on each area.