• Course Description
    Physical Education is a performance basis course aimed at improving scholars’ knowledge and ability’s in a variety of team/individual sports and lifetime fitness activities. Upper School scholars will be in a choice program.  This gives them the ability to choose 1 activity (from 4-5 different activity choices) every three weeks.

    Each scholar needs 2 credits of Physical Education to graduate from high school. Each year upper school scholars receive .5 credits toward Graduation upon successful completion of class. 

    Scholars will be assessed on a daily basis. These daily assessments could include: performance rubrics, written work/quizzes and tests, affective rubrics/sportsmanship assessments.

    Scholars are expected to be on time to the locker room and into the gymnasium/pool. They will be prepared with appropriate PE clothing and sneakers to receive maximum credit. Scholars will be actively participating throughout the class. Each student is responsible for using their locker and turning in their lock at the end of the year.