• East Eagle  

    Course Overview

    This year we will be studying U.S. History & Government. We will study history from the time of the Encounter up to the present day.  There will be an in-depth study of government along with an emphasis on writing and the development of concepts and themes.  This course, which is required for graduation, ends in June 2017 with the United States History & Government Regents Exam. Passing this exam could fulfill one of the social studies exam requirements. 




    • Contribute to a positive learning environment
    • Manage your time effectively
    • Follow the daily routine
    • Use your classmates as resources
    • Earn an 80 or above in all marking periods
    • Ask questions when you need to
    • Do homework regularly
    • Come prepared and on time every day
    • Fill out your pass if you want to leave the room for ANY reason



    The breakdown of the grading policy is as follows:

       Homework – 5%

       Classwork– 35%

       Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Essays 45%