• Welcome to the wonderful world of Algebra 1 at East High School! Algebra 1 is the first course in the math program at East High School. We will be using an exciting and exemplary math curriculum called Meaningful Math that is aligned with the NYS Common Core Standards. This curriculum is problem-based, consisting of five units. The units are each organized around a central problem or theme that will give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of mathematics. This curriculum will challenge you to explore open-ended situations in the same way a mathematician or scientist mightapproach it!!!

    Units: Topics:

    Overland Trail Variables, Graphs, Linear Functions and Equations

    All About Alice Exponential Functions

    The Pit and Pendulum Statistics and Curve Fitting

    Cookies Systems of Equations and Inequalities

    Fireworks Quadratic Functions, Graphs and Equations

    We have a great deal to cover in our algebra class! You will be taking the CC Algebra 1 Regents exam in June 2016. In order to accomplish your goal of doing your best, you must maintain high academic and behavior expectations for yourself at all times. I promise to do the same!