Google Classroom

Logging into Google Classroom


2. Log in          Email:   school login username

                         Password:  your password

3. Select Spanish class

How to turn in assignments via Google Classroom

1. Turn In Button: Once you are logged into your classroom, click on  

                           the assignment (Open Doc/ Slide/ etc). Once you

                            start typing in the Doc, on the top right corner, a

                              ‘Turn In’ button will appear. (Next to comment

                                button) Whenever you are ready to submit your

                                assignment, press the  ‘Turn in’ button.

2. Add:  If you need to upload a document/assignment from your

                google drive or Word, click on the assignment and then press

                 the ‘Add’ button. There willl be a drop down option for either
                 Drive, Link or Upload file. Here you can choose your

                 document, and once it’s loaded, click the ‘Turn in’ button to


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