• Photo of Hughan Reid

    Hughan Reid’s path to EAST began in Jamaica. He is the oldest of 13 children and a first generation college graduate. When he arrived in Rochester in 1989 he attended Fredrick Douglas for a short while. However, circumstances eventually led him to EAST. Mr. Reid describes his time at EAST as one filled with activities. He was in PRISM, he participated in the Ebony Culture Club, and he also played baseball and soccer. Mr. Reid also experienced obstacles during high school. His father, a strict disciplinarian, did not attend any of his events or his graduation. He was even thrown out of his home the day after his graduation. He experienced a short period of homelessness, but was able to gain stability with the help of friends. Mr. Reid made the effort to continue his education by enrolling in MCC in 1994. His sense of duty to his family caused him to take some time off. He began working so that he could help his mother emigrate to the United States. 1998 was a pivotal year in Mr. Reid’s life. He was able to welcome his mother to Rochester, graduate from MCC, and purchase his first home. Mr. Reid had a desire to pursue higher education and considered a career as a stockbroker, but decided that the sometimes unsavory aspects of that field did not appeal to him. His interest in business led him pursue further education at SUNY Brockport. It was at this time that he decided to become a business teacher. In 2001 he received his master’s from Nazareth College of Rochester. Mr. Reid is quite clear about the recipe for his success. He has often maintained two jobs at once, he worked at the Monroe County Detention Center and the Rochester City School District. He also preserved through adversity. Mr. Reid enjoys his duties in the ISS room. He finds opportunities to have conversations with students that point them toward maturity and responsibility. He recounted a time when he pointed out to one student that the money he spent on 26 pairs of high priced sneakers could best be utilized by placing it in an interest bearing bank account. He encourages his students to work hard and to hold themselves accountable for their actions and their education. Mr. Reid advises them that just talking about doing something is not enough. He believes the adage actions speak louder than words. He is a supportive father and encourages his children to strive for excellence through productive work. Mr. Reid is looking forward to seeing his son enroll in SUNY Brockport in the fall, and also continuing to operate his own cleaning business.

    “Hard work creates success.” – Hughan Reid