• Photo of Gwynne Mosch

    Miss Gwynne Mosch credits her mother’s influence for her career choices. When she was sixteen her mother who worked for the town of Webster, suggested that she get a job at the Webster Town Library. After high school Miss Mosch left the Rochester area to attend Huron College in South Dakota. She considered a career as a social studies teacher and taught for a year. However, she decided that teaching was not the profession that best suited her. After seeking her mother’s advice and with her encouragement she decided to enroll at SUNY Geneseo. An available position at EAST was Miss. Mosch’s first choice for employment, however the position closed before she could apply. Miss Mosch was offered a position at Jefferson high school which she did accept and she worked there from 1986 to 1992. An unfortunate layoff resulted in the loss of this position. However, Miss Mosch was offered another position at school #6. Miss Mosch began working at EAST in 1997. She also was asked to be a mentor to other librarian, she worked in this capacity for 15 years. During this time she provided guidance and support to RCSD librarians. Miss Mosch is an ardent supporter of EAST. She appreciates the fact that EAST has always worked and that when she is in the community people are eager to identify themselves or their family members as graduates of EAST. According to Miss Mosch her experiences at EAST provide her with a feeling of being part of something bigger and very special. EAST’s 114 year history is unique and Miss Mosch takes opportunities to tell others about the great kids she has met and the dedicated colleagues she has worked with. She believes that social studies teacher Leda Williams-Matthews is an example of an educator who sets a high bar for herself, her students and her colleagues. Miss Mosch lived in the city of Rochester for the first 10 years of her career. She and her husband have also lived in Wayne County. His rural upbringing and her love of gardening have influenced their son. He currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and is working as an environmental activist. Miss Mosch was not satisfied in retirement and chooses to spend many of her days as a substitute librarian at EAST. She enjoys finding ways to teach and guide students. She shows that she cares by modeling and encouraging self-discipline. She and Ms. Bartnick work together on insisting EAST’s library offers students a comfortable learning environment.

    “If I didn’t care I wouldn’t correct you.” – Miss Mosch