• Photo of Brenda Wilkinson
    When you request your official records from EAST more than likely Mrs. Brenda Wilkinson is the one who makes sure that your receive them. Mrs. Wilkinson was born in Westfield, PA. and graduated from Cowanesque Valley Jr.-Sr. high school. While in high school she was inducted into the national honor society. Although Mrs. Wilkinson had great potential her family did not have enough money to send her to college. She came to Rochester in search of employment and found it at the University of Rochester. She worked at there from 1964 to the late 70’s. Mrs. Wilkinson wanted to continue her education after the birth of her son. She enrolled in a correspondence course at Berean Bible College and received a degree in Christian education. Once Mrs. Wilkinson’s son was enrolled in school #34 she began to volunteer in that school. Her dedication and commitment to volunteering led to her being hired as a lunchroom aide. After 3 years in this roll Mrs. Wilkinson began working for April Temporaries and spent time as a lunch aide, paraprofessional, and library aide at various schools throughout the Rochester City School District. Mrs. Wilkinson once worked as an office aide in a school where the office was located in the back of a classroom. She answered phone calls as the teacher was teaching. In 1991 Mrs. Wilkinson began working as a library clerk at EAST. She remembers being in complete awe of the size of the building. She transitioned to the records department in 2000 and now works in the 9th grade academy house office. Mrs. Wilkinson feels as though her EAST colleagues are her family and that there is a sense of protectiveness that characterizes the relationship between staff and students. Mrs. Wilkinson has been married for 48 years. The volunteer spirit runs in her family. Her son Andrew Wilkinson is a 1996 graduate of Allendale Columbia who also went on to graduate from RIT, is a dedicated community volunteer. In 2016 the Monroe County Legislature awarded him with the Willie Lightfoot Youth Advocate of the Year Award for his work with the Explorer Program with the Chili Fire Department. Mrs. Wilkinson has dedicated a great deal of her professional life to EAST and it is a better school as a result of her tireless efforts.

    “If you treat the students with love and respect they will respond and return the same.” – Brenda Wilkinson