• Diane

    Mrs. Diane Gennarino-George will celebrate 33 years of employment at EAST high school in December 2017. A graduate of Benjamin Franklin high school. Mrs. George wanted to pursue a career as an English or music teacher. However, marriage and childrearing caused her to put those aspirations aside. Mrs. George does not regret her decision as she eventually found her place in the field of education. A civil service test which she took led her to EAST. Through the course of her career Mrs. George has witnessed many changes at EAST. According to her every year has brought her a new opportunity to learn something. Mrs. George is well-suited for the often hectic pace of working in EAST’s upper school office. She is an early riser and frequently arrives for work at 6:30 a.m. The many duties she performs include administrative support and scheduling of appointments, fulfilling daily faculty and staff vacancies, laminating teacher instructional materials, answering parent and student questions, and maintaining frequent radio communication with SSO’s, building maintenance, and classroom staff. Mrs. George believes that each student has his or her own story. She finds ways to makes herself available to students in ways that are outside the course of her daily duties. She chaperones the prom and is part of the commencement ceremony committee. According to Mrs. George she likes all of the extras with which she is involved. Mrs. George’s office is filled with cherished photos of her family. She is an avid Disney World vacationer and recently returned from a trip that included her adorable grandson Spencer. Many at EAST have benefited from Mrs. George’s love of baking as she has been known to bring her delicious cookies to the office to share. This woman of many talents is eagerly looking forward to her daughter’s wedding and in anticipation of the happy event has added wedding planning to her list of things to do. 
    “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney