• M. Parchus

    Mrs. Marilyn Parchus serves as the treasurer of the North Winton Village Association. A 1964 graduate of EAST Mrs. Parchus is a strong supporter of her alma mater. Mrs. Parchus’ family ties to EAST began in the Marketview Heights area. Her family lived on Fourth St. and her father and her brother worked at the Rochester Public Market. Mrs. Parchus would have joined them, but women were not allowed to work there at that time. Despite such discriminatory circumstances Mrs. Parchus credits the strong sense of community and work ethic of her predominately Italian neighborhood for her success at EAST.  Her later accomplishments show that she greatly benefited from the education she earned during her high school journey.  Mrs. Parchus married and raised a family, but she also graduated from MCC with her associate’s degree and Empire State College with a degree in accounting. She went on to use her education by working for Threshold, Center for Youth, and Center for Disability Rights. She now serves as the treasurer for the North Winton Village Association, Angels of Mercy, Inc., and the 21st Democratic Legislative District. In addition to these positions Mrs. Parchus also volunteers with the Landmark Society of Rochester. Mrs. Parchus appreciates the beautiful design of EAST and is proud of the grounds which surround the building and its various gardens. In fact the North Winton Village Association maintains EAST’s stadium grounds, the corners at E. Main St. and Atlantic Ave., and Culver Rd. and Atlantic Ave. Mrs. Parchus has taken notice of the changes that have occurred within EAST. She credits the leadership of the University of Rochester with many of the positive changes. The general feeling shared throughout the North Winton Village neighborhood is that the student body at EAST are an asset and that the faculty, staff, students, and parents are creating a learning environment that contributes to the safety and vitality of the neighborhood. Mrs. Parchus also made mention of the benefit of having a local business like McDonald’s support EAST. Student artwork is featured in the restaurant and guidelines have been created to discourage truancy and promote increased student attendance. Although summer is just beginning The North Winton Village Association is already looking forward to September. On September 16, 2017 from 10 am- 5 pm the association will host an arts festival. There will be 50 vendors, live music, face painting, and more. Mrs. Parchus has her graduation yearbook which contained many heartfelt sentiments from her classmates. It is obvious that her classmates saw in high school her sense of commitment to others that would later benefit a whole community.
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”   Margaret Mead

    Pictured in the photo are Mrs. Parchus, Louis Buono Jr. the owner of McDonalds (Culver Rd.), and Allen Wilson (Manager)
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