• FACE Committee Members
    The FACE Committee is made up of East parents/family members, administrators, teachers, staff, and collaborative partners. Questions about FACE can be directed to Angel Alicea, East Home-School Assistant, at Angel.Alicea1@rcsdk12.org.
    If you are a parent or guardian, you are always welcome to attend a FACE meeting!
    Name  Role
    Lorna Washington FACE Co-Chair - East Superintendent's Office
    Joanne Larson FACE Co-Chair - University of Rochester
    TBD East Upper School Parent/Family Co-Chair
    TBD East Lower School Parent/Family Co-Chair
    Nancy Cardozo Parent/Family Member
    Jasmine Collier Parent/Family Member
    Lisette Davila Parent/Family Member
    Julie Garcia Parent/Family Member
    Christine Gervais Parent/Family Member
    Natasha Green Parent/Family Member
    Tomas Hernandez Parent/Family Member
    Cassandra Kelley Parent/Family Member
    Ebony McLarty Parent/Family Member
    Catherine Wilson Parent/Family Member
    Crystal Wright Parent/Family Member
    Angel Alicea  East Home-School Assistant
    Jason Taylor  East Community Coordinator
       East Upper School Vice Principal
       East Lower School Vice Principal
    Dan Hart
    East Upper School Teacher
    Erica Townsend
    East Upper School Teacher
    Kate VanLare East Upper School Counselor
      East Lower School Teacher
      East Lower School Teacher
    Nancy Johns-Price S.E. Neighborhood Service Center Administrator
    Jennifer Perry Hillside Reinvesting in Youth Program Manager
    Beverly Roseborough Ibero Family Service Assistant Coordinator