Actions to consider prior to school opening

  • Provide professional development to support students, families, teachers/other staff transitioning back to school:

    • Support the integration of SEL in teacher and staff training, including skills and techniques that promote positive learning environments (in-person and remote and/or virtual instruction).
    • Understand and utilize trauma-informed practices.
    • Establish protocol for identifying and supporting students who may be experiencing social-
      emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges.
    • Establish systems that promote supportive staff-student relationships to ensure that all students have at least one caring staff member who checks in regularly with them. This also ensures families are able to connect with that staff member for any needed supports. 
    • Prepare communication regarding access to mental health and trauma supports for adults and students, which may include establishing partnerships with outside entities and agencies. Continually conveying information on how to access both school and community supports to students, staff, and families in all learning environments (in-person, hybrid, and virtual).