• Will visitors such as parents and community partners be allowed access into school buildings and if so, what restrictions will be in place?

    • Visitors will follow the six foot social distancing mandate and follow regulations for wearing face coverings to limit the spread of illness while on site.
    • Nonessential visitors will be limited at all District buildings, including school buildings, District offices and facilities.
    • All visitors will have to fill out a screening assessment and will have their temperature taken.

    How are class sizes determined to ensure and maintain proper social distancing per CDC and state guidelines and what is the maximum capacity in a classroom?

    • Cohorts of students will be created whenever possible.
    • Cohort size will be determined by the amount of students that fit into a classroom.
    • For most classrooms this will be twelve students or less.
    • For three-year-old Pre-K students cohort size will be seven students
    • For four-year-old Pre-K students cohort size will be eight students

    Has the District reviewed its HVAC systems (including air purifiers/ and proper air flow) to align with state recommendations?

    • In the case of a student or staff member with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, CDC guidelines will be followed regarding cleaning and disinfecting the building. Consider temporarily turning off room fans and the central HVAC system that services the room or space, so that particles that escape from vacuuming will not circulate throughout the facility.
    • Adequate, code required ventilation will be maintained as designed.  
    • Preventative maintenance, filter changes, and repair will occur as required.  
    • Any planned changes to HVAC systems, including filter type modifications, will be reviewed and approved as required.